Order PLUS! Enhancement History

 Functional Enhancements for Order PLUS! 7.0

OSAS v7.0 Compatibility

  • BBj specific enhancements for user interface, multiple function screens, calendar icon, address mapping, and file locking improvements
  • Added support for Info-Alert data monitoring and alert application
  • Included data dictionaries for ODBC access and the General Report Writer application

Transaction Processing

  • Enhanced customer quoting includes separate transaction file with Quote History Status (active or inactive), Result (open, sale, lost), Start and End Dates, Order Date, Open Quote Report, Quote History Report, Open Quote Customer and Item inquiry, and Quote History Inquiry.
  • New transaction type for RMA Processing with user-defined reason codes, reporting, inquiries and ability to convert to a Return.
  • Added Site field to the order header with the ability to maintain Site information (similar to the Ship To function) such as Status (active/inactive), Start and End Dates, Description, Contract Number, Contact Information, Phone, Email, and Fax. Option to sort by Site on the open invoice report and sub-total on the customer statement.
  • Added option to email a user-defined order acknowledgement after entry of a new order or changes to existing orders.
  • Added option to automatically email a user-defined shipped order notification with tracking information.
  • Changed Purchase Order interface to include customer information to print on Purchase Order.
  • Eliminated display of the item unit cost in the Create Purchase Order screen when the option to Display Unit Cost During Line Item Entry is set to No.
  • Interface to UPS WorldShip® and Federal Express®

Point of Sale

  • Added starting balance in the Terminal Close-Out function.
  • Added option to prompt to print a picking slip.
  • Option to enter multiple lines of description.
  • Added Store ID (3 character) to Terminal Setup for Method of Payment setup by Store.

Credit PLUS! (optional)

  • Added support for PC Charge on-line credit card authorization and processing.

SalesCTRL HotLink (optional)

  • View Order PLUS! and Open Systems Accounting Software customer account information, detail sales history, open orders, quotes, open invoices, and inventory pricing from the SalesCTRL contact screen.
  • Create new customers on-the-fly with pre-defined information from the new customer template function.
  • Enter quotes, orders, sales and returns.
  • Email/print user-defined quotes and order acknowledgements.
  • Print user-defined picking slips.
  • Generate custom reports through SalesCTRL report writer.

RCG eForms

  • Added support for the eForms fax, email and document archive product from the Response Computer Group.

Functional Enhancements for Order PLUS! 6.5

OSAS v6.5 Compatibility

  • Updated Order PLUS! customer master custom fields to be compatible with OSAS user-defined fields.
  • Added document attachment function to customer maintenance, information menu, line item entry, and inquiries.
  • Added HLE for Customer Ship To Addresses Added defaults for Sales Rep 2, Ship To ID, and Ship Method to customer maintenance.
  • Increased e-mail and website fields to 50-characters in customer maintenance.
  • Added Hazardous Material Code to the Inventory Item maintenance screen and inquiry.

Cash Receipts

  • Access to cash receipts entry through point of sale and the Inquiry Menu (Shift F2) controlled by Access Code.

Point of Sale Transaction Edit

  • Option to edit previously entered transactions controlled by Access Code.

Voids History

  • Option to maintain history of voided transactions from order processing and point of sale entry.  Includes Purge Voids History and reporting by customer, terminal, date and sales rep/cashier.

Copy Additional Description to PO's

  • Option to copy additional descriptions entered in Order PLUS! to Purchase Order created during entry.


  • Allow import of Alternate Item ID's in the Inventory ASCII import function.
  • Add option to post method of payment description to the General Ledger.
  • Print check number on customer invoice when method of payment is check.
  • Skip printing of posting log pages with no activity.
  • Update ODBC and Report Writer data dictionaries for field changes.
  • Update UnForm® rule file and form printing programs for field changes.
  • Update data conversion programs to support upgrades from prior releases and Sales Order.
  • Rewrote user documentation in Microsoft Word.

Functional Enhancements for Order PLUS! 6.14

Customer File Maintenance

  • Added prompt to print prices on Picking Slips during transaction entry
  • Added field for Web Site
  • Increased State ID to three characters
Transaction Entry
  • Added Ordered By field to transaction header
  • Added TRACKING # field to the Ship-To Information screen
  • Allow access to the Ship To phone and fax numbers
  • Expanded Ship To ID from six to ten characters
  • Automatically switch to Terminal Setup Maintenance if the terminal has not been previously setup
  • Added F6 maintenance on General Ledger Accounts
  • Edit and Confirm Transactions using the customer order number or the F2 command to look up the order number without the Customer ID
  • Option to re-price existing quotes based upon the current inventory price and cost information
  • Validate credit card number entry in Method of Payment screen when Credit PLUS! is not installed
  • Retain deleted transactions from transaction and point of sale entry for printing on the Voids Journal
  • Display customer specific comments after entering the customer ID in the transaction header
Point of Sale
  • Added the ability to delete line items with the F3 delete key
  • Added compatibility with the CompuRegister PC-based cash register

Cash Receipts

  • Added Automatic function to apply the full cash receipt to the oldest invoice and continue in order until the entire cash receipt has been applied

Daily Reports & Postings

  • Added prompt for Short and Long to determine the format of the additional lines of description when printing the sales, returns, and voids journals
History Reports
  • Added prompt to include serial/lot info on the Sales History report
Periodic Processing
  • Added prompt to Remove Customers with Last Sales Date Before to delete customers without any open orders, invoices, quotes, returns, cash receipts or deposits.  A log prints for all customers selected with the status of whether they were deleted or not because of Open Transactions
  • The Purge Paid Invoices function no longer automatically removes Paid Invoices during Month End Processing but allows you to remove them based upon a range of customers and Paid Prior To date

Customer Labels

  • Added Item ID and Date Sold prompt to print labels based upon a customer's purchase of a specific item
  • Added Print-By option for Sales Rep and new From-Thru fields for Group Code, Sales Rep, and Territory

Options and Interfaces

  • Added new option to Post Generated Purchase Orders Combined or Separate to determine whether the PO's created during transaction entry will be combined by vendor and location for all orders or by each transaction.
  • Added company and terminal specific Quick Entry tables to determine what fields to stop at during transaction entry
  • Implemented the Open Systems Resource Manager Change Fields function for Order PLUS!

Terminal Setup

  • Added option to print using UnForm document enhancement software for laser forms

Forms Printing

  • Improved internal and external consistency for invoices, picking slips, acknowledgements, quotes, and statements
  • Changed headings on forms to be relative to the type of form such as deposits, quotes, etc

Inventory Bill of Material

  • Added UnBuild Bill of Material Function