Order PLUS! Year-End Checklist

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  1. _____ Enter and post all Order PLUS! and Point of Sale transactions and cash receipts

  2. _____ Calculate finance charges for the period

  3. _____ Print statements for the month

  4. _____ Print the following reports from Management Reports:

    • Customer Analysis

    • AR Analysis

    • Sales Analysis

    • Sales History

    • Customer Sales

    • Customer Activity

    • Sales Commission

    • Tax Audit Report

    • Method of Payment History (optional)

    • Summary Invoice History (optional)

    • Promotional Analysis (optional)

    • Ship-To History (optional)

  5. _____ Print the Sales Tax Report for both sales and purchases if you are using Accounts Payable or Purchase Order. This is located in Resource Manager, Application Setup

  6. _____ (OPTIONAL) Print or save any additional reports


  8. _____ Ensure no one is currently using Order PLUS! - Year-End processing is a single user function

  9. _____ Use the Clear Sales Tax function to clear taxable and non-taxable sales from the Tax Locations (this function has been moved to the Application Setup menu in OSAS Resource Manager)

  10. _____ Year-End processing is used to accomplish the following:

    • accumulate balance totals for balance forward customers

    • adjust the Customer file to match the Open Invoice file for open invoice customers if these files do not match

    • advance the figures in the aging periods in the Customer file

    • re-sequence the transaction file

    • move year-to-date history information to the last-year column

    • clear period-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date history

    • update the credit status field in the Customer file

    • update the aging balances in the Summary History file

    • remove Sales History for invoices dated before

    • remove Payment History for invoices dated before

    • remove Recurring Entries with ending dates before

    • remove Summary History before period/fiscal year

    • remove Inactive Temporary Customers

    • clear month-to-date and year-to-date sales amounts in the Sales Rep file

    • clear month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date receipt amounts form the Payment Methods file

    • post finance charges to the General Ledger

    • clear YTD finance charges if selected (should be done at the end of the calendar year)

    • clear customer high balances if selected

    • increment the fiscal year in the ARPDxxx table by 1 and change the period to 1

  11. _____ Print the Customer Comment Report from the Master Lists menu, then Purge Customer Comments through Periodic Processing

  12. _____ Use the Purge Selected Files function from Periodic Processing to:

    • purge Customer Comments by Customer ID, Date and Reference ID

    • purge Detail History by Customer ID and Invoice Date

    • purge Quotes by Customer ID and Quote Date

    • remove summary and detail sales history before a specified date
      NOTE: This function can and should be performed more than once a year

  13. _____ (OPTIONAL) Delete inactive customers

    To do this, use the File Maintenance - Customers function. Select the customer to delete, and select the delete command.

    If you delete customers, it is highly recommended that you rebuild the ARCUxxx file. To rebuild, select Resource Manager - Data File Maintenance - File Rebuild.