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TRAVERSE accounting software is the business management backbone for many small, growing and mid-market companies.   This full suite of accounting and eBusiness applications includes specialized solutions for manufacturing, distribution, warehouse management, service, and not for profit organizations.

Developed using 100% Microsoft technology, TRAVERSE features excellent performance and complete integration with Microsoft Office and BackOffice products. Customization is easy and economical thanks to the Visual Basic for Applications source code that is available for the entire suite of accounting modules.

TRAVERSE Business Edition - SQL Server Express 2005
(1-8 users)

  • Developed 100% using Microsoft tools, environment, integration and technology
  • written in MS-Access and SQL Server Express 2005
  • multi-user desktop accounting software
  • Internet/Intranet access
  • multilingual/multicurrency capabilities
  • available source code for customization
  • Visual Basic for applications (VBA)
  • true 32-bit multi-tasking/threading architecture

TRAVERSE Enterprise Edition- SQL Server 2005:

  • mid-to-larger market client server solution
  • SQL Server 2005 back end
  • Access 2003 and Visual Basic front end
  • stored procedures/distributed processing
  • transaction processing
  • open database
  • data replication

System-Wide Features:
  • referential integrity
  • easy to modify/prevent modification
  • graphing capabilities
  • drill down for greater detail
  • report previewing before printing
  • "quick search" method for finding fields
System Manager:
  • menu security
  • individual workstation options
  • online help for keyboard commands
  • Spanish and French language sets optional
  • table-driven currencies
  • support of multiple companies
  • conventional/pull-down menu structures with custom options
  • sample data directory for training
  • company and user ID displayed on every screen
  • create your own custom reports using Crystal Reports
General Ledger:
  • 30-character account masks
  • 7 user-defined segments
  • history maintained for unlimited years
  • easy creation of cash-flow statements
  • automatic reversing entries in all periods
  • multiple years and periods open
  • user-definable financing statements
Accounts Receivable:
  • user-definable aging periods
  • two-way split commissions
  • user-defined invoice/dunning messages
  • quick lookup based on customer or transaction
  • invoice entry/editing/viewing from a single screen
  • online invoicing (prints after order verification)
Accounts Payable:
  • View historical information
  • view/select payables to be released
  • invoice entry in base/vendor currency            
  • recurring entries
  • alternate vendor information
  • Canadian tax reporting (GST/PST)
Bill of Materials:
  • define, build and sell "kitted" inventory items
  • mix and match related assemblies into a single kit
  • "available to build" function
  • relieve materials and receive finished goods in one process
Fixed Assets:
  • forecasting tools
  • four depreciation books
  • retire assets at any time
  • IRS-supplied depreciation tables
Payroll with Direct Deposit:
  • unlimited user-definable deductions per company
  • taxable/nontaxable earnings codes
  • option for fixed federal, state, and local withholdings
  • multiple states/localities for employee/employer taxes
  • formula-based tax routines
  • multiple warehouse capabilities
  • unit conversions
  • aliases for inventory item numbers and alternates
  • quick lookup on aliases, lot numbers, and serial numbers
  • detailed inventory history
  • receipts posted online
Sales Order:
  • transaction numbers generated automatically or manually
  • convert quotes to live orders
  • inquire on backorders
  • plain paper or preprinted picking slip formats
  • commissions payable on booked or paid invoices
  • two-way split commissions
  • scrollable, detailed descriptions for each item
Purchase Order:
  • create open orders
  • Ship-to date for each line item/order
  • automatic requisition generation
  • print picking slips online
  • reorder based on Min/Max, EOQ, and Forecast Based on Trends
Bank Reconciliation:
  • know which checks have cleared
  • void any check after it has been posted
  • purge a cleared transaction by bank account ID and transaction date
  • convert System Manager bank accounts
  • clear/tag a range of transactions based on a from/thru criteria
  • transfer to multiple bank accounts
Job Cost:
  • purchase order function
  • time ticket entry function
  • three screen types for projects, phases and tasks
  • project-to-date costs
  • history screens with billing, cost and profit info
Project Costing:
  • four screen types for projects, phases and tasks
  • time and material or fixed fee projects
  • different tax classes per project, phase or task level
  • five billing formats for time and material projects
  • batch processing for time ticket entry

Advanced Financial Analyst:

  • Excel-based reporting

  • Enterprise-Wide Distributed Reporting

  • Accounting Integrity
  • Flexible Formatting and Layout
  • Desktop Distributed Report Delivery
  • Drilldown Capabilities


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