OPEN SYSTEMS Accounting Software

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Accounts Payable

Customer Relationship Management


Purchase Order

Accounts Receivable Direct Deposit Inventory Resource Manager
Bill of Materials/Kitting Fixed Assets Job Cost Sales Order
Bank Reconciliation General Ledger ODBC Kit OSAS Web
Contractors Job Cost GENERAL Report Writer Payroll UnForm® Document Management

You’re looking for a business management and accounting system that is flexible, includes program source code, and is portable across multiple operating system platforms.  And one that meets your needs and expectations now and in the future. Hundreds of thousands of businesses have faced that challenge and found that there is one answer to everything on their wish list: OPEN SYSTEMS® Accounting Software (OSAS™).

Available in single-user, network and client/server versions, OSAS is a high performance, cost-effective enterprise solution that provides platform flexibility and a wide array of capabilities. Gain access to your data by mixing and matching Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX clients and servers. You'll have unlimited interoperability between character and graphical/windows interfaces. Because vital business information is quickly available to a wide variety of corporate users, you can successfully leverage your valuable data to stay competitive.

 Resource Manager

  • set and configure workstations
  • setup security access and defaults by user
  • setup and maintain company information and options
  • user-defined settings for decimal precision of dollars, quantities, prices and costs
  • customize windows
    Print Manager Capabilities
  • save reports to a file and print later
  • password security
  • search for specific pieces of text
    Executive Information Summary
  • executive dashboards present key financial information
  •  nine pre-defined dashboard screens including Company Summary, Cash Requirements Forecast, and AR Analysis
  • over fifty pre-formulated programs
  • save to history file

    ODBC Connectivity
  • OSAS data access through Microsoft Access and Excel, StarOffice,, Crystal Reports, and many others
  • export data
  • create spreadsheets and reports
  • produce graphical images

Application Overviews:

    Accounts Payable
  • on-line material requisitions
  • user-defined masks
  • payment hold/release
  • on-line access to vendor and item
  • lotted inventory tracking
  • detail history
    Accounts Receivable
  • on-line customer credit information
  • price codes by inventory item,
    category, or customer
  • cash receipts processing
  • customer history inquiry
  • sales commission calculation and
  • multiple warehouses per order
    Bill of Materials/Kitting
  • serialized and non-serialized

  • kits

  • component information

  • user-defined fields

  • complete audit trails

  • negative builds

    Bank Reconciliation
  • bank deposit reports
  • Reconciliation Report
  • obtain your most up-to-date
    balances quickly
  • void checks/stop payments
  • enter recurring adjustments only
  • purge cleared transactions
    Contractors' Job Cost
  • track change orders
  • AIA billing forms
  • subcontractor management & reporting
  • certified payroll processing
  • Union benefit reporting
  • Retainage calculation
  • Attach documents
    Direct Deposit - Payroll
  • multiple bank accounts per employee
  •  pre-notification approval process
  • batch process by department
  • extensive reporting 
  • ACH file creation
    Fixed Assets
  • depreciation calculation
  • eliminate manual journal entries
  • user-definable location fields
  • date and time stamping on reports
  • user-definable tax districts
  • retire assets
    General Ledger
  • multiple-year functionality
  • user-definable account number masks
  • account budgets function
  • post to any period in the current or
    last year
  • batch statements
    GENERAL Report Writer
  • customize existing reports
  • design your own reports
  • sort data
  • customize existing reports
  • pre-defined data dictionaries
  • drop and drag report design
  • automatic monitoring of key
    business data
  • pre-defined alerts
  • user-defined alerts sent to assigned
    recipients when conditions are met
  • optional took kit for custom alert
  • lot tracking
  • Vendor Information file
  • user-definable categories for report
  • weighted cost average
  • Quantity Locations file
  • physical count processing
    Job Cost
  • 999 user-definable cost
    code fields
  • 99 cost types
  • job templates
  • overhead allocation
  • job comments
  • copy feature
    OSAS Web
  • Internet interface to OSAS data
  • customers access their own sales,
    receivables, and inventory information
  • password security
  • user controls the information
    (also available: Direct Deposit)
  • multiple tax rates
  • multiple checks per employee
    per payroll run
  • unlimited earning codes
  • employer deductions
  • pay codes
  • track vacation/sick hours
    Purchase Order
  • information windows
  • create open orders
  • quick entry/defaults on headers
  • ship-to date for each line item/order
  • automatic requisition generation
  • print picking slips on-line
    Sales Order
  • multi-location taxes
  • quick entry tables for headers
  • summary and detail history
  • recurring orders
  • on-line printing
  • multiple warehouses per order

Additional OSAS Information: