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Order PLUS!™is a powerful order processing  and point-of-sale system for distributors, retailers, and light manufacturers.  This proven solution is integrated with these Open Systems® Accounting software modules:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Info-Alert
  • Inventory
  • General Ledger
  • Purchase Order
  • General™ Report Writer
Order PLUS! provides you with complete control for order processing, point of sale, credit history, invoicing, shipping, inventory management and reporting functions. You also get instant access to credit information, customer comments, order status, sales history, inventory availability, item pricing, and purchasing functions provides accurate financial control, better customer service, and increased profitability.

Combined with Open Systems Accounting Software, Order PLUS! gives you the strength and experience of installations worldwide.

Download Order PLUS! Spec Sheet

Order PLUS! Offers Choices and Flexibility With These Key Features:

Order Entry

  • Customer-based order processing with 10-character ID
  • Automatically display customer specific comments as reminders
  • Notify operator when customer is past due based upon user-defined number of days
  • Enter sales commission percentage by line item based upon gross sales or net profit by sales rep or inventory item
  • Track Requested Ship Dates by line item
  • Enter line item and transaction discounts by percentage or amount
  • Sales History Inquiry by Customer/Item/Date/Purchase Order
  • Default values when adding new customers through F6 Maintenance
  • Auto-create purchase order during line item entry
  • Lookup by customer purchase order to determine order status
  • Display contact phone, extension, and fax number on entry screen
  • Display Ship-To phone 1, phone 2, extensions, and fax number on ship-to address screen
  • Update credit card fields in customer master from Method of Payment screen
  • Print Order Acknowledgements
  • Print Bill of Lading, shipping labels, and laser mailing labels
  • Process customer deposits
  • Enter up to four payment types per transaction
  • Maintain customer-specific invoice messages
  • Print UPS COD tags
  • Sales history inquiry by item number
  • Print picking slips, invoices, quotes, acknowledgements, and statements on multi-purpose form
  • Supports laser form printing through UnForm® document enhancement software
  • Batch print daily journals and post transactions
  • Invoice reprint from sales history
  • Form and printer setup by workstation
  • On-line terminal query provides up-to-the-minute sales analysis
  • Maintain default and valid methods of payment by customer
  • Supports UPS WorldShip


  • Bill of Material
  • Change Inventory ID's
  • Import ASCII data for new item setup and price updates
  • Print bar-coded labels with bar code printer

Purchase Order Interface

  • Option to create a Purchase Order during Order PLUS! entry
  • Line items in Order PLUS! that have a Purchase Order created have 'PO' displayed
  • HLE screen for editing Purchase Order transactions prior to posting from Order PLUS!
  • Daily Reports and Posting report prints list of Purchase Orders that will be created
  • Purchase Order is created for all items from a specific vendor with each line item linked to the Order PLUS! source transaction
  • The Purchase Order Open Order report prints the Order PLUS! transaction number for each line item to identify which order the item belongs to

Software Requirements: Open Systems Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Resource Manager

Point of Sale in Order PLUS! provides a quick entry screen (a typical transaction can be completed in just four keystrokes!) for high-volume retail environments. Customer credit information, sales history and comments can be accessed during transaction entry, and reporting and posting functions can be combined or performed separately depending on the needs of your business.

Features include:

  • Easy line item entry with default information for new customers.

  • Six-character cashier and sales rep ID tracks commissions.

  • Process returns, exchanges and sales on the same transaction.

  • Sell items from multiple locations and with different units of measure.

  • Process multiple payment types and credit card transactions.

  • Print 40-column receipt, invoice or choose by transaction.

  • Simple end-of-day closing and reporting functions.

Point of Sale is compatible with:

Kitting for Order PLUS! is a plug-in that groups inventory items together for sale in order entry and point of sale. Two types of kits are supported:

  • Assembly - Components are assembled at the time of sale and can be changed, deleted or added.
  • Suggestive - Components are a group of related items that can be selected at the time of sale.

Credit PLUS! for Order PLUS! is a plug-in that interfaces with the J2Pay open source multi-gateway payment processing library. Credit cards can be used as a method of payment in either point of sale or order entry and can be electronically processed on-line through a secure PCI compliant internet connection in just seconds.

Secure form captures credit card/billing data, does not store that data on your server, transmits directly to/from gateway server, and does not require publicly-accessible server or SSL certificate.

Additional Order PLUS! Information:

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