UnForm for


Use laser printers to save time and money by eliminating pre-printed forms

Create presentation-quality reports

Create electronic forms in PDF format

OSAS Documents Include ...

AR Detail Aging AR Statements
AP Aging Report AP Checks
GL Balance Sheet GL Profit and Loss Statements
Sales Order Invoices Sales Order Picking Slips
Sales Order Packing Slips PO Purchase Orders
Payroll Checks Generic Reports

UnForm® Features:

  • Laser Forms

  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Forms

  • Output to multiple printers

  • Add barcodes and logos

  • Labels and multi-up reports

  • Integrate with fax software

  • HTML reports

  • Email enhanced documents

UnForm®, a product of Synergetic Data Systems, Inc., provides the OSAS user with easy to install, easy to customize laser forms and enhanced reports.  Most OSAS forms and a number of OSAS reports are pre-defined, making UnForm a quick and easy install for most OSAS systems.

UnForm® is used by hundreds of companies to produce laser forms, electronic documents and reports, and to streamline their document workflow through smart forms and print process control.

Most companies can easily justify the purchase of UnForm simply on the savings over pre-printed forms. But laser forms are just the beginning of UnForm's capabilities. With UnForm, you can fax and print graphical versions of your invoices and statements. You can add item costing to a copy of an invoice and route that copy to the Accounting Department. You can use the ship-to information from a packing list and produce a mailing label. You can produce HTML or PDF versions of your reports for viewing on your intranet. With UnForm's flexibility, you can accomplish virtually any task that can be driven from your printed data.

Many form products produce documents that are static. UnForm documents are dynamic. Attributes and enhancements can be driven by content and logic, rather than being as fixed as the pre-printed forms they are replacing.

Sample forms and reports:

Payroll Check Accounts Payable Aging Report Sales Order Picking Slip
General Ledger Balance Sheet General Ledger Profit & Loss General Ledger Trial Balance
Sales Order Invoice Sales Order Packing Slip Generic Report