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WebInteractive Receives Innovation Award by TMC LabsWebInteractive is a Web-based, real-time Server side remote access and support Software tool that provides a simple way for support professionals to quickly manage and resolve online PC support requests via remote access. WebInteractive provides all the tools needed to manage a queue of online requests, communicate with customers online, monitor a remote PC and control a remote customer's PC to resolve issues.

This Web-based solution provides live assistance, on demand.

Using WebInteractive, support professionals can:

  • Manage multiple support requests from an online queue of customers
  • Communicate with customers in real-time via voice or keyboard chat
  • View a remote customer's PC and monitor activity via remote access
  • Illustrate and annotate problems using an online whiteboard
  • Conduct a remote control session and operate a remote customer's PC
  • Upload customer files for analysis, or download software patches
  • Restore a remote user's PC to a previously working configuration
  • Direct a remote customer to a Web site using co-browse features

As a result, WebInteractive allows sales and support professionals to quickly and easily resolve customer support issues by allowing them to focus more on solving problems and educating customers and less on visualizing problems and blindly guiding customers
toward a solution.

What WebInteractive means to e-support:

  • drastically reduced call times
  • faster problem definition and resolution via remote access
  • reduction of repeat calls for the same issue
  • decrease in call escalation
  • fewer support errors
  • restoration of a previous configuration to a remote user s PC
  • daily reports to track performance
  • reach real-time consensus
  • conduct a web tour
  • identify and solve problems via remote access

WebInteractive for e-Sales

Increasingly, companies are recognizing the value of strong customer relationships and are investing time and money in CRM strategies. WebInteractive for e-Sales can leverage this investment by enabling companies to add real-time, live customer service or product demonstrations to their online initiatives in an effort to help reduce sales cycles, close sales, reduce operating costs and resolve sales questions.

Statistics show that 94 percent of visitors to e-commerce sites will not buy online if that the site lacks interactive customer service features such as live chat or instant callback, and 35 percent of Internet shoppers say they'd be willing to spend more money online if they could speak to a customer service rep. In addition, Nielsen research estimates that over 2/3 of all web shopping carts are abandoned.

What WebInteractive means to e-sales:

  • one-on-one product demos
  • illustrating and annotating via whiteboard
  • real-time voice or keyboard chat with customers
  • more transactions, less acquisition cost

WebInteractive Server Software Pricing

 Number of Agents

Fixed One Time Investment

1 Agent


Each Additional Agent


Linktivity's WebInteractive is installable E-support and Remote Access Software; you pay a fixed, one time license fee based upon the number of agents you purchase. Linktivity offers a complimentary 10-day trial before the sale, plus an additional 30-day satisfaction guarantee after the sale. Included in the agent license cost are all software, updates, upgrades, API Toolkit for integration with your existing software and business processes, and unlimited first year support during standard support hours.

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