System Manager

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You only need Windows to run it; you only need Access to modify it.

TRAVERSE gives you flexibility, customization, and a full complement of tools - including source code. TRAVERSE runs under Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT, Windows 95, and Novell. System Manager contains the same award-winning features found in OPEN SYSTEMS Accounting Software, and it also provides features such as multilingual and multi-currency capabilities. Users can choose either keyboard or point-and-click navigation - or both. And, it's easy to move and merge information.

TRAVERSE gives you the tools you're already familiar with and provides a seamless interface to other Microsoft products such as Word, Excel and Mail. TRAVERSE was developed with Microsoft Access, the most popular relational database management system for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Access has a simple design philosophy, so it's easy to use for everyone - regardless of the level of expertise. As a member of the Microsoft Office family of programs, Microsoft Access features built-in IntelliSense technology that senses what you want to do and produces the desired result, making routine tasks automatic and complex jobs easy.

TRAVERSE manages your financial information quickly, easily, and effectively by using the Rushmore Technology and OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) found in Access. You can do quick sorts on any field in ascending or descending order with just one mouse click! Use the ODBC drivers supplied with Access, which let you connect to databases such as Oracle, INFORMIX and others; import, export, or attach the information in these databases. TRAVERSE provides password protection by application, menu, function, and database objects. You'll find table-driven international and industry-specific language sets, and such individual workstation options as screen colors, keyboard controls, toolbars, and language sets.



Setting Up Company Information
Quick, easy option and detail setup of information about your company.

Additional System Manager Features and Hardware Recommendations:
  • online help for keyboard commands
  • run-time Access (you are not required to purchase Access to run TRAVERSE)
  • Spanish language set included
  • table-driven currency with easy updating of currency exchange rates
  • multiple live data directories
  • support of multiple currencies
  • convenient conversion from OPEN SYSTEMS Accounting Software version 5.0
  • conventional or pull-down menu structures with custom options
  • sample data directory for training
  • company and user ID displayed on every screen
  • distribution of data files across multiple drives or multiple systems
  • fast transfer of company information and table structures with the "copy from" feature
  • country code formatting
  • tracking individual user activities with user log
  • referential integrity, which prevents deletion of data used by other tables
  • easy to modify with capability to prevent modification
  • graphing capabilities
  • comprehensive online help
  • print to file with rich or normal text, or output to Excel
  • optional report previewing before printing
  • "quick search" method for finding fields

Servers Supported:

  • Windows NT 3.5x +
  • Novell 3.1x, 4.1x

    Clients Supported:

  • Windows 3.1x
  • Windows 95
  • Windows NT Workstation

    Printers Supported:

  • Laser printers only

    Forms Supported:

  • Open Systems Forms Division forms only
  • TRAVERSE Main Menu
    The TRAVERSE menu structure.

    TRAVERSE Multi-Currency
    Multiple currency features in forms and reports.

    Download the System Manager Self Running Demo now.