Accounts Payable

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Tracking obligations to suppliers, controlling cash flow, and making sound
cash management decisions are now easier than ever.

You need a strong financial management system in order to meet the demands placed on your business. One that's designed to provide vital information quickly and easily. TRAVERSE is the system you need. The TRAVERSE Accounts Payable module has the same award-winning feature set found in OPEN SYSTEMS Accounting Software - plus the power of Microsoft Access!

TRAVERSE was developed with Access, the full-featured database that everyone can agree on for today's changing market. It provides a seamless interface to other Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, and Mail. You'll be connected to all members of the Microsoft Office family, making it easy to share your information. With help from Access, TRAVERSE gets you from where you are to where you need to be. It even provides multilingual and multicurrency capabilities, making it the software of choice for international business.

Data entry in Accounts Payable can be done with the mouse and/or keyboard; tab stops can be individualized for quick entry. You can view historical data for an unlimited number of years in detail or summary, and you can view and select payables to be released for payment. As with all Open Systems products, source code is available.



Accounts Receivable Vendor Setup
Need to work in a language other than English?
TRAVERSE brings you closer to the global market.

Additional Accounts Payable Features and Reports:
  • time-saving batch processing capability
  • invoice entry in base currency or vendor currency; switch at will
  • printing of checks and reports in any installed language and currency
  • recurring entries setup
  • automatic reversal of checks voided in the history file
  • vendor setup including terms, pay-to name and address, 1099 indicator, distribution codes, and comments
  • ability to change ship-to information on the fly
  • 1099-MISC reporting with magnetic media
  • alternate vendor information
  • ability to select payables for check processing
  • referential integrity, preventing deletion of data used by other tables
  • easy to modify, with capability to prevent modification
  • drill down for greater detail
  • graphing capability
  • comprehensive online help
  • print to file with rich or normal text, or output to Excel
  • optional report previewing before printing
  • "quick search" method for finding fields
  • Aged Trial Balance Report
  • Accounts Payable Analysis Report
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Check Register
  • Miscellaneous Debits Journal
  • Open Invoice Report
  • Payment History Report
  • Purchase Analysis Report
  • Purchases Journal
  • Vendor Activity Report
  • Vendor Analysis Report
  • Vendor Detail History Report>
  • Vendor Purchase History Report
  • Vendor Labels
  • 1099 Forms

Accounts Payable History with Graph
A graph is worth a thousand numbers. TRAVERSE provides more than one way to analyze your information.

Accounts Payable Transaction Entry Options
TRAVERSE Accounts Payable features quick transaction entry by allowing you to determine the tab stops.

Download the Accounts Payable Self Running Demo now.